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A little about me...

One of my biggest joys is working with junior high and high school students.  I consider it an incredible honor to be a teacher.  I truly believe that all of my students know how much I love my job and them!  In fact, one of my many goals is that each of my students will know how much regard I have for them as individuals.  As an English teacher, I consider it my responsibility to help students develop their own "voices."  C.S. Lewis once wrote, "My own eyes are not enough for me; I will see through those of others."  I seek to expose my students to many ways of looking at the world around them.  We accomplish this by reading and writing, talking and debating, and even performing at times.  I'm sarcastic and I appreciate anyone with a sense of humor.  I aim to make my classroom a fun environment where we can work hard and play hard.  A good laugh is always welcome (and I'm sure I do plenty to warrant it), but I have very high expectations for my students when it comes to hard work and personal accountability.  Guess what?  My students consistently rise to the occasion every time and I'm so proud of them for that.  I enjoy challenging them in what they read and how they look at things.  I am grateful that I can speak openly in my classroom about faith and what it means to be a child of God in today's world.

Y'all may have recognized that I have southern roots.  I grew up in Texas and am proud to call it my home, but I've lived in Minnesota for 11 years now which makes it "home" as well.  Still, Texas is part of me and I like boots, BBQ, and country music.  My husband, Paul, and I have three children -- Noelle, Paige, and Sawyer.  They are among my greatest blessings.

Before coming to St. John's, I taught at several Lutheran high schools around the country:  Martin Luther High School in Milwaukee, Sheboygan Lutheran High School in Wisconsin, and Lutheran High School South in St. Louis.  I taught 9th-12th grade English, AP Literature, creative writing, etc.  I've enjoyed directing plays and musicals in my extra-curricular experience.  I've been teaching the 7th/8th grade Language Arts at St. John's for four years now.  I'm currently serving on the National Youth Gathering Planning Committee for the LCMS, which has been a unique and very rewarding experience that offers me a different level of interaction with youth.

I obviously LOVE to read.  I like to decorate.  I like organization, sometimes to a fault.  I am a bit of a "foodie" and enjoy checking out new chefs/restaurants.  My kitchen is an experimentation zone at times.  I love to sing and I enjoy concerts, theatre, and films.  I like to travel.  Family is extremely important to me and my extended family is huge, loud, tight-knit, and hilarious.  They are a big part of who I am as a person.  I adore being with any or all of them whenever I get the chance.

This gives you a brief peek at who I am and what I like.  More importantly, though, I want to ensure that you know how seriously I take my job.  I intensely like what I teach and who I teach.  I would trust my students to describe me because I think we really know each other.  My door is always open to students and parents alike.  Please know that I will joyfully discuss and collaborate with you regarding any needs or concerns.  I am very open to feedback.  I appreciate that parents have entrusted me with their child's education, spirit, and heart.  Those are dear things and I don't take that responsibility lightly.

Many blessings as we begin another year together!

In His Service,

Gretchen Dolan

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